Breaking: US Ebola Soldier FOUND DEAD IN TX – After Fighting EBOLA IN AFRICA …Update: Ebola Test Negative

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Breaking: Soldier Recently Returned from Fighting Ebola in Africa FOUND DEAD IN TX

Here is a photo of a US soldier fighting Ebola in Africa…..

The soldier was self-monitoring for Ebola.
Soldiers from Fort Hood have deployed often to West Africa as part of the Pentagon’s efforts at assisting in combating the Ebola outbreak.


KDHNews reported:

Killeen police are investigating the death of a Fort Hood soldier, who was found dead at his Killeen residence while on emergency leave from Liberia.

The soldier, identified as a 24-year-old black male, returned from the West African country for a non-medical emergency and was self-monitoring for possible Ebola virus symptoms, according to Fort Hood officials.

He was found dead face down in his front yard about 8 this morning.

Police have blocked off the 3300 block of Cantebrian Drive where a man was found dead in a yard Tuesday.

It wasn’t clear how the 24-year-old GI, who was not identified by name, had died but there were no outward signs that he took his own life or was a victim of violence.

This post was updated.

UPDATE: The Ebola tests came back negative for the soldier found dead in Texas.

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