Brave 7 Yr-Old Girl Survives Plane Crash – Walks 3/4 Mile in Forest Barefoot to Seek Help (Video)

A brave seven year-old girl survived a plane crash in Kentucky that killed her parents and sister.

The little girl walked three-quarter of a mile barefoot to ask a local man for help.
plane crash ky

The girl was bleeding on her legs and from her nose when she reached safety.
Yahoo reported:


A 7-year-old girl walked three-quarters of a mile through rugged terrain Friday night — after surviving a plane crash that killed her father, mother, sister, and cousin.

The child had been aboard her family’s Piper PA-34 heading from Key West, Fla., to their home state of Illinois, but the plane crashed in western Kentucky.

Larry Wilkins of Lyon County says the little girl, who was dressed in a light top and shorts for Florida sunshine, reached his front door after braving some of the “toughest land you’ll ever see in your life” barefooted, in the dark.

“That’s one tough little girl, brave little girl,” Wilkins said in an interview with Yahoo News Saturday morning. “I don’t even walk through it in the daylight.”

The child told Wilkins that her mother and father had just died and she was in a plane crash. The wreckage was later found in a wooded area off the Buckberry Trail.

“Her little legs were just cut up all over from briars and [tree] limbs. She had a bloody nose,” Wilkins said. “She was of course crying a little bit. But she was coherent and pretty poised for a 7-year-old girl who had just gotten out of a plane crash.”

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