BOEHNER STUNS WHITE HOUSE – Invites Netanyahu to Joint Session of Congress

obama netanyahu
It’s safe to say Barack Obama is not a fan of the Israeli Prime Minister

John Boehner surprised the Obama White House today when he invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress.

Netanyahu will speak to Congress on the Iranian threat.
CNN reported:


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will give a speech to Congress on the issue of Iran Feb. 11.

Netanyahu has raised alarm bells about nuclear talks between the Obama administration and Iran. In the U.S., the Iran talks are a topic that has pitted President Barack Obama against senior Democrats in the Senate, one of whom accused the administration on Wednesday of using talking points “straight out of Tehran.”

Congressional leaders in both chambers are considering proposals to increase sanctions while international negotiators try to reach an agreement with Iran over nuclear capabilities. The sanctions would not kick in unless certain benchmarks are met by June 30, but the White House has argued that a debate and vote now could derail the talks.

President Obama, who has threatened a veto if a sanctions bill passes through Congress, used uncharacteristically frank language at a press confeence last week to warn fellow Democrats and Republicans who support sanctions to “hold their fire.”

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