“Black Grand Jury” to Meet This Weekend – Hold “Kangaroo Court” on Darren Wilson

“Black Grand Jury” to hold “Kangaroo Court” on Michael Brown shooting this jury–
black jury
A group of black legal experts will meet to prove that mob justice is alive and well in Missouri.

Newsworthy? No.
Interesting? No.
Objective? No.
Factual? No.
Lynch Mob? You decide.

At a Very odd press conference, a group of black “legal experts” announced that they will be selecting a black grand jury to investigate Darren Wilson over Michael Brown’s shooting death.


They went on to say that after having time to review the evidence released by St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough they see enough flaws to retroactively indict Wilson.

The group gave their press release statement which included a (teaser) indictment of Wilson before the black grand jury has met for the first time. (What a shock!)

The grand jury transcripts that were made public by the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office was only the 4th time in US history to be released for amateur legal review.

One must wonder if this is something that should ever be done again! The group has called on Wilson and McCullough to testify but doesn’t expect them to attend their open lynch mob.


The coverage by KTVI goes on to explain that the black grand jury has no legal authority. Simplified… They report it as a legitimate news story and then pride themselves on determining that the group wields no subpoena or legal authority. The event is being sponsored by a Socialist racist group, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. That explains the red star on the image.

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