Barack Obama Still Follows Sarah Palin’s Vagina

Discourse at the highest levels of politics in the Age of Obama remains in the gutter.

President Barack Obama’s official Twitter account is still following the account named “Sarah Palin’s Vagina @PalinsVagina” one week after it was reported by The Gateway Pundit and other outlets.

obama palin vagina

TGP reported last week:


“@BarackObama is Obama’s personal Twitter page now run by his campaign offshoot, Organizing for America. Obama uses the account on occasion, using the sign-off’ –bo’ to denote tweets by him.

“To follow an account on Twitter an authorized user must take the affirmative step of clicking on the follow button on their home page or next to their name and avatar if suggested by Twitter. Ignorance is not available as a defense for this one.”

…“The avatar for the (@palinsvagina) account is a photo of a taco.‘Taco’ is used as a crude euphemism for women’s private parts.”

War on women, anyone?

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