Attn. Media: ‘Low Life Scum’ Code Pink Allied with Terrorists, Obama and Democrats

Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans with President Barack Obama

Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans with President Barack Obama

Sen. John McCain is right. Code Pink protesters are low-life scum as he called them Thursday morning when the group disrupted a Senate hearing to protest former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khamenei, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban. These are some of the terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism Code Pink has given political, financial and/or material aid to since the group’s founding in late 2002.

All that time Code Pink has also worked with and funded the Democratic Party, including President Barack Obama. Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans was a major donor, fundraising host and bundler for Obama. Evans is also a key ally of California Governor Jerry Brown, whose 1992 presidential campaign she managed.

Evans’ Code Pink co-founder Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin was praised by Obama in 2013, “The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to.”

First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly told Code Pink in 2012, “Keep up the great work…we really need you.” The White House did not dispute the quote.

Code Pink plays the inside-outside game with Obama and the Democrats. They act as powerless outsider agitators but in actuality they have a seat at the head table of power.

There’s a story in there somewhere, reporters, a story that you have never reported in twelve years. Just put down your Code Pink pom-poms and get to work.

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