Arizona Man Is Killed by Illegal Alien Felon Still in America Thanks to Obama’s Amnesty

Apolinar Altamirano
Source: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office via KPHO.

President Barack Obama has given thousands of criminal illegal aliens amnesty by refusing to deport them after they have been convicted of felonies.

One such recipient took advantage of Obama’s unconstitutional generosity and killed a U.S. citizen in cold blood over a pack of cigarettes in Mesa, Arizona early Thursday morning.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu took to Twitter on Friday to criticize the Obama administration for failing to deport the illegal alien:

“This illegal was let out on probation for burglary. Why was he not deported? A truly terrible, heartless crime.”

KSAT-TV reported the accused killer Apolinar Altamirano was out on federal bail:

“During Altamirano’s initial court appearance, the prosecutor says he is in the country illegally and was recently given bond by federal immigration authorities after pleading guilty to a burglary charge.”

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Grant Ronnebeck, the American killed by the illegal alien Altamirano, was just twenty-one years old.

According to police, Altamirano shot and killed Ronnebeck when he was counting the change Altamirano was using to pay for a pack of cigarettes. Altamirano got upset over the time it was taking for the Ronnebeck to count the change. Ronnebeck handed Altamirano the pack of cigarettes. Altamirano then shot and killed Ronnebeck.

Update: AZ Central reported more details on the murder Friday (excerpt, read more at AZ Central):

“A convicted felon was barred by a court order from entering a Mesa convenience store two weeks before surveillance video captured him shooting a clerk to death early Thursday morning, according to a court document released Friday.

“Apolinar Altamirano had been told to stay out of the QuikTrip at Stapley Drive and Broadway Road, in central Mesa, on Jan. 9, the document said.

“”I think he had been at the store previously and there was disturbance,” said Detective Steve Berry, a Mesa police spokesman. “He was told he was not allowed in the store.””

…” witness, who had stopped at the store on his way to work to buy a drink, told police that he overheard Altamirano say several times, “You’re not going to take my money.”

“Altamirano then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Ronnebeck, the document said. The surveillance video shows Ronnebeck attempting to hand Altamirano the cigarettes, according to the police report, but Altamirano fires one shot, fatally wounding Ronnebeck, who collapsed behind the counter.

“”The victim was holding the pack of cigarettes out towards the defendant,” according to the document.
“”The defendant continued to say ‘You’re not gonna give me my cigarettes, no.’

“”The defendant then fired one shot striking the victim,” the report states.

“The surveillance video then captures Altamirano calmly stepping over Ronnebeck and grabbing a couple of packs of Marlboro cigarettes before he walks out of the store, according to the document.

“The document describes Ronnebeck had handed the witness a cup before the shooting, and how the witness had headed toward the fountain drink dispenser to get some water shortly before the shooting.”

On November 20, 2014, Obama announced “execution actions” regarding illegal aliens. One of those was entitled, “Deport Felons, Not Families.”

“Deporting Felons, Not Families: The President’s actions focus on the deportation of people who threaten national security and public safety. He has directed immigration enforcement to place anyone suspected of terrorism, violent criminals, gang members, and recent border crossers at the top of the deportation priority list.”

Sadly for the family and friends of Grant Ronnebeck, this was another Obama promise he failed to keep.

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