Another Obama Admin Lie Exposed: Barack’s Diss of Bibi Has Nothing to Do with Pending Israeli Election

Why Netanyahu would put his country’s security before Obama’s feelings has the White House thoroughly upset.
obama netanyahu march
Netanyahu,will reportedly tell Congress on February 11th March 3rd that Islamic extremism is on the rise and that Iran should not be trusted during negotiations over its nuclear program.

This upset the White House.

The White House announced last week that President Barack Obama will not meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his upcoming visit in March…citing “the proximity to the Israeli election.”


Netanyahu then changed his speech before Congress to coincide with his speech to AIPAC in Washington DC in March.
The Israeli elections are scheduled for March 17, 2015.

But the White House excuse was all a lie.
Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Nigeria on Sunday to meet with the candidates in Nigeria’s presidential elections. The Nigerian election in on February 14th.

kerry nigeria goodluck
President Goodluck Jonathan with Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday. (ICE/JAU/NAN)

Kerry spoke after meeting in separate locations with both leading candidates, President Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari, the former military dictator whom Jonathan defeated in 2011.

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