Activists Hold Conference in Support of “Queer Animal Liberation”

Guest post by Michael Strickland

This really happened…
An animal liberation group called Direct Action Everywhere recently hosted an event in which a variety of presentations were given, which included titles such as “Trickle-Up Queer Animal Liberation” and “LGBTQ and Animal Liberation.

Trickle=Up Queer Animal Liberation
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.58.58 AM


The video compilation, posted by Daylight Disinfectant, starts off with a young, uhh, supposedly female who talks about her kielbasa, and why she didn’t have any love for the sausage. “How could I justly seek my own liberation, while denying that to others?” she pondered. She later shows a picture of her girlfriend with a “cow”, which shows them “connecting” and the cow “really enjoying himself.” “My goal is total animal, queer, and trans liberation” she says at the end of her presentation.

The next presenter talks about how animal liberation begins with your cat.

Read the rest at Progressives Today.

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