A Hard Day’s Night… Veteran Sues VA for 10 Day Erection

A Georgia man is suing the VA for a drug prescription that caused a ten-day erection.
CBS46 News

FOX 2 News reported:

A man said the VA Hospital is to blame for his recent hospitalization. Edward Stalling said doctors prescribed Trazodone for his inability to sleep. Instead, he’s had a painful erection ever since.

“I took it that night and the next day I woke up with that problem,” Stalling said.

Stalling said he suffers from PTSD, so he has taken medicine for some time for his sleeping issues. He said the medicine was prescribed in December.

Stalling said he drove himself to the hospital after the condition lasted for hours. He said that when he arrived, doctors made a spectacle of his condition.

“One had mentioned that I should line up all the women,” Stalling said. “I haven’t had that many people who had seen it in my whole life, until I went to that hospital.”

He said that multiple doctors and nurses stopped by just to see.

“When they admitted him, he had to be hospitalized for 10 days,” said Stalling’s attorney.

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