$15 Now Protests Subway, Patrons and Employees React By…

$15 Now, the movement to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, is organizing protests in fast food places across the country. Portland is no exception. Last May, they flooded a downtown McDonald’s and interrupted everyone’s lunch, which almost resulted in a fight.

Now they have teamed with up Don’t Shoot Portland, the Michael Brown/Eric Garner/Tamir Rice/Ferguson protesters, and they directed their rage toward a Subway located at Portland State University.


They start off chanting “Hands up, don’t spend!”, then one of their ring leaders launches into a rant. But the best part is the reaction of the customers and employees. Or rather, the lack there of any reaction. It’s downright comedic how everyone in the restaurant pretty much ignores the shouting and chanting that’s taking place right next to them.


After the rant, they start chanting again. “Why do we want 15, I can’t breathe” and “What do we want? FIFTEEN! Black lives matter!”.

One of the most prominent $15 Now proponents is Seattle city councilwoman Kshama Sawant, who has referred to capitalists as “criminals of our society.”

Laughing At Liberals presents the video:



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