“YOU GOT A DEATHWISH?!?!” Video Emerges of Racist Oakland #Ferguson Beating

Guest post by Michael Strickland

He Tried to Put Out a Dumpster Fire – So They Beat Him
beating victim ferguson

Just yesterday we reported on a man who was savagely beaten for attempting to put out a fire started by Michael Brown protesters.


Video has now emerged of the incident.
ferguson beating 3

In the video, you can see the gentleman attempting to put the fire out, saying “This is not how we do this.” You can hear others unintelligibly shouting things at him and calling him, “White boy”.

The protesters circle back around, apparently egged on by an over-caffeinated girl on her bike, saying, “You will get your A$$ beat!” Then others begin to assault the victim. Another kid shouts out, “We don’t need white saviors.”

(Warning on Language – Violence)

After the attack, the man shows other people his mouth, as 2 teeth were knocked out, and he is seen digging through the dumpster looking for his glasses.

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