Vandals Steal Baby Jesus From Church Nativity Scene – Replace With Pig’s Head (Video)

Vandals stole the baby Jesus from a Nativity scene at Sacred Hearts Church in Haverhill, Massachusetts.
pigs head church

They replaced it was a severed pig’s head.

The Daily Mail reported:


Police are on the hunt for the twisted culprit who stole the baby Jesus from a Nativity in Haverhill, Massachusetts and replaced it with severed pigs head on Christmas morning.

The figure of a baby Jesus was taken from a Nativity scene outside the Scared Hearts Church during the early hours on Christmas morning.

It was replaced by a hairy pig’s head, and not the kind that one would find at the butcher store.

Haverhill Police held a press conference this morning to discuss the offensive theft.

‘This particular pig is not the kind of pig that would be sold at a butcher shop,’ Lieutenant Robert P. Pistone, a spokesman for the Haverhill Police Department said.

‘Usually they would remove all the hair,’ he added.

Pistone also said that the pig was likely ‘freshly decapitated,’ and that it may have come from a local farm.

‘It’s just a really hurtful commentary on society,’ Pastor John Delaney told Fox today.

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