Thomas Sowell Says Black Caucus Members Remind Him of Joseph Goebbels (Video)

Dr. Thomas Sowell was a guest last night on Hannity.
Sean Hannity asked Dr. Sowell what was his reaction to the Black Caucus lawmakers who continued to spread the “hands up, don’t shoot” folklore.
Sowell said it reminded him of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

“Oh, for political reasons. I thought of Joseph Goebbels’ doctrine, people will believe any lie if it’s repeated often enough and loud enough. They’re repeating it often enough and loud enough. And it will pay off for them personally and politically.”

Sowell also took a swipe or two at Barack Obama:

“He wants to spread paranoia if possible. If paranoia will get out the vote… What amazes me is how long it has taken so many people to see though this man and there are many to this moment who have not seen though him.”

Via Hannity:

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