The Obama Doctrine: President Praises Tyrants – Slams Ally Canada in Same Press Conference

The Obama Doctrine — Coddle Dictators and Attack Your Allies
obama sony
And Obama upset Sony executives when he was not honest about their reaching out to the White House.

On Friday Barack Obama held his last press conference of the year before jetting off to Hawaii for a 17 day vacation.
Obama told reporters he joked with Communist dictator Raul Castro this week.

My opening comments took about 15 minutes which is an awful long time on the phone. At the end of that he said, “Mr. President, you’re still a young man.” I apologized for taking such a long time before we engaged in a conversation. You’re still a young man and you still have a chance to break Fidel’s record which is seven hours straight… And then President Castro delivered his own opening remarks which lasted twice as long as mine. And, I said, “It obviously runs in the family.”

Minutes later in the press conference Barack Obama slammed America’s neighbor Canada.
Russia Today reported:


President Obama said building the Keystone XL pipeline – which would run from the Canadian tar sands into the United States – would not lead to lower gasoline prices for Americans. Additionally, Obama said it would create a couple of thousand temporary jobs until construction is completed, but the project would mainly benefit Canadian oil companies that need to get their oil to the Gulf of Mexico in order to see it on the world market.

“At issue in Keystone is not American oil. It is Canadian oil that is drawn out of the tar sands in Canada,” said the president. “That oil currently is being shipped out through rail or trucks, and it would save Canadian oil companies and the Canadian oil industry an enormous amount of money if they can simply pipe it all the way through the United States down to the Gulf.”

TransCanada corrected Barack Obama in a statement they released after his public attacks.

The Keystone system is about helping our Canadian and American customers — which includes leading U.S. oil producers and refiners — get a safe, secure and reliable supply of crude oils they need to create products we all need — gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels and many other products we use and consume here in North America,” spokesman Shawn Howard said. “After being approved, Keystone XL will employ thousands of skilled American pipeline industry workers in the United States.

He also said there are no plans to export this oil overseas.

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