That Didn’t Take Long… Charlie Rangel Is First Lawmaker to Do Live Interview From Havana

Maybe he’s hunting for cheap condos?

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) cheered Barack Obama’s plan to resume relations with Cuba.
Rangel was in Havana for the broadcast with a medical association.
The Washington Times reported:

Rep. Charlie Rangel, New York Democrat, hailed President Obama’s announced plans Wednesday to resume diplomatic relations with Cuba while the congressman was on the ground in Havana.

Mr. Rangel said he was in the country with a medical association “to exchange advancements that have been made” on treatment for diabetes.

“I have never been more proud to be an American,” Mr. Rangel told CNN Wednesday afternoon. “The Cuban people are dancing in the street and so many members of Congress and Americans are proud of the president for taking this historic position.”

Mr. Rangel acknowledged criticism of the move, but said that “in any event, we’re moving forward, it’s all good, it’s all positive, and the people will be speaking from the streets of Havana, New York, in California, in Miami, and I think that’s the best cure for the relationship that’s been so poor in the last half-a-century.”

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