ST. LOUIS MAN PULLS GUN ON PROTESTERS After They Block Intersection & Jump on His Car …Update: Police Report

A St. Louis man pulled a gun on #Ferguson protesters after they jumped on the hood of his car.

The protesters shut down traffic and disrupted commerce in the Central West End.
FOX2 Now reported:

St. Louis police were called to Maryland Avenue and Euclid in the Central West End around 8:45 pm after receiving a call for a person struck.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer David Carson was at scene and captured a man with a gun inside the vehicle flashing his weapon at demonstrators.

From the FOX 2 Now Facebook page – the protesters jumped on the man’s car.
And the locals are getting tired of this lawlessness.
facebook fox 2


UPDATE: The protesters said the man hit one of the protesters in the street.
FOX 2 reported:

Witnesses say the minivan the man was in hit one of the protesters in the intersection.

Police arriving on scene stop protesters from climbing onto the minivan.

Around 200 protesters were marching at the time in response to no indictment against a New York police officer accused of using a choke hold to kill an unarmed African-American male being questioned about selling loose cigarettes.

By the way… The man on the ground ended up there after he jumped on the hood of the van.

UPDATE: KMOV posted video—-
You can tell the protester jumped on the car in the video.

UPDATE: Here’s the police report on the incident.

The protesters broke the man’s mirror and the rear window with a rock.
That’s when the driver drew his gun and called the police.
real police report car

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