Show-Me-Fraud: Over 2,000 Fake Signatures Suspected In Progressive Backed MO Petition Drive

photo The Director of Missouri Progressive Vote, Matthew Patterson, delivering the petitions to Jefferson City, Missouri back in May. (Image News Leader)

Earlier this year, the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition (Missouri ProVote) gathered 300,000 signatures in a petition drive calling for early voting in Missouri.

But recently the Columbia Missourian reports that over 2,000 of those signatures could be fake:

“An initiative petition that sought to qualify an early voting measure for the Missouri ballot included the supposed signatures of dead people among other potentially fraudulent names, according to a report from state’s top election official.

“…Republican political consultant Jeff Roe said Monday that the potential fraud may have been even more widespread than reported by the state. Roe, who opposed the ballot measure, commissioned a review by a law firm of the petition signatures submitted in 69 of Missouri’s 114 counties. That review identified up to 2,246 instances of potential signature fraud across 15 counties, more than half of which occurred in Boone County.

“…The initiative, which was backed by Democratic-aligned groups, sought to create a 42-day, no-excuse-needed early voting period that would have been one of the longest in the nation. Missouri currently allows absentee voting only for people who attest that they cannot vote in person on Election Day.

“…report said the petitions contained the purported signatures of people who had died before the date listed next to their signatures in Boone, Buchanan, Cooper, Knox, Macon, Pike and Schuyler counties. In some other instances, individuals whose names were signed to the petitions told the secretary of state’s office that they had not signed the sheets.

“…”It looked like they were taking a clipboard and phone book and just filling them all out,” Roe said.”

The Missouri ProVote Coalition consists of several Missouri unions and progressive groups including SEIU and several Marxist affiliated groups such as the far left ACORN spin off, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), and CWA local 6300 whose building has been used for Communist Party USA fundraisers over the past several years.

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