SHOCK CLAIM: US Power Grid Already Hacked By Iranians, Chinese, Russians (Video)

Power grid

IT expert and former hacker David Kennedy told Greta Van Susteren tonight that a lot of experts in the internet security industry believe the Sony hack attack points to an insider at the company.

Tech expert David Kennedy explained that most corporations haven’t done what they needed to do to as an organization to protect themselves.

Kennedy told Greta when it comes to the US financial sector, they are trying really hard to keep the front door locked down to keep the hackers from breaking in. However, the US is losing the battle in the energy sector.


“The energy sector, unfortunately, and our water treatment facilities and everything we do from a general usability from a United States perspective is very vulnerable. They’re using old technology dating back to the 70’s. We need a major rehaul of our entire electrical grid and protection around that. We’re way worse off than anything near Sony. In fact the NSA director said as of last month that our entire energy grid had been owned or hacked by Iranians, by Russians, by China. Pretty much anybody has a foothold into our power grid right now.”

Via On the Record:

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