Seriously?… Brian Williams to Former CIA Director: “How Are We Better Than our Enemies Morally?” (Video)

isis massacre soldiers 5
ISIS terrorists slaughter 200 half-naked captured soldiers in a ditch.

NBC’s Brian Williams interviewed former CIA Director Michael Hayden on yesterday’s Democratic report on waterboarding.

Brian Williams: How are we better than our enemies morally in light of what we all read about today?

Michael Hayden: Well, let me give you a startling statement, Brian. And look, everyone knows these things were very tough. I got involved in this very late in the program. I endorsed their use going forward in a very minimized form. So these decisions aren’t taken lightly by anyone, believe me…. As bad as some people think the CIA behavior was with regard to these 100 or so detainees, if everyone on the planet used CIA behavior as the model the world would actually improve.

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