Senator Blunt: New EPA Regs Will Raise Utility Bills 50% Over Next 6 Years (Video)

Blunt EPAImage Screenshot

On Tuesday, December 2nd, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt took aim at President Obama’s new EPA regulations criticizing the timing of its release, the day before Thanksgiving, and pointing out that the regulation will increase utility costs in his state by 50 percent over the next 6 years (00:48-00:53):

“In my state, in Missouri, it will raise the utility bill by 50 percent over the next six years.”

Video below:


The new EPA regulations are targeted to drastically reduce the amount of ozone allowed in the air; from 75 ppm to 65-70 ppm.

A study done for the U.S. Chamber of commerce shows that while costing much more than the EPA estimated, the new regulations could also cost 609,000 fewer jobs every year.

So while Americans were enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday, the Obama administration was thankful that people were to busy to notice that the EPA released what may amount to be the most “Costliest Regulation Ever“.

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