Rep. Peter King: If Protesters Chanted for Dead Blacks, Gays or Women De Blasio Would Do the Right Thing (Video)

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) joined Steve Malzberg to discuss the NYPD shootings on Saturday.

Rep. Peter King told Steve:

“The fact is, if you’re the mayor of a city, and you allow protesters, and they say they’re peaceful protesters, to take over the Brooklyn Bridge, to shut down traffic, to keep people virtually imprisoned in their cars for two, two-and-a-half hours, to shut down the Westside highway… Then to have so-called peaceful protesters assault cops, attempting to put a cop in the hospital, attempting to throw garbage cans down on people, on officers on a bridge, and for him to call that an “alleged” assault, and then going forward the chanting, “what do we want? Dead cops” whether or not that was a few hundred or a few thousand, once that got out there, he has an absolute responsibility as mayor to go on television, to forcefully denounce it. I mean if people were demonstrating and saying they wanted dead blacks or dead gays or dead women or dead anyone, to me the mayor, governor, president, whoever jurisdiction it is, has absolute to come forward.”

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