Radical SEIU Minimum Wage Activist Kendall Fells Caught on Tape Revealing MOB-STYLE TACTICS (Video)

Here’s another radical organizer to put on your radar…
SEIU organizer Kendall Fells describes the mob-style tactics used by the far left to strong arm business establishments to raise the minimum wage.

Kendall Fells admits his group “specializes in fighting.”

The fast food “strikers” are really a front for the SEIU – a radical taxpayer funded public services union.


Via EPI Online:

Today the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) is highlighting a previously-unpublicized video of SEIU organizer Kendall Fells, who’s been spearheading the fast food “strikes,” including the nationwide protests planned for tomorrow.

In the video, which can be viewed here, Fells reveals the mob-style tactics fast food protest organizers are willing to use, stating that “we specialize in fighting,” and that if restaurants attempt to take issue with employees who walk out, then “we’ll bring 150 people and shut their store down, day after day after day…”

He candidly admits that the reason such tactics are effective against fast food restaurants is because “their profit margin is so small that they’re kind of forced to make an economic decision… do you continue to lose your whole lunch rush for a month straight?”

Fells laughingly describes the arbitrary manner in which the $15 wage demand was decided upon: “I would say that it was a pretty scientific process: $10 was too low and $20 was too high, so we landed at $15.”

His comments are also notable because, as a representative of the SEIU, he discusses the “wage and hour lawsuits we filed” against McDonald’s earlier in 2014. At the time, these lawsuits were widely-described as an employee-led effort.

View the full video clip here, which is taken from a longer video of a panel discussion hosted earlier this year by the labor union-backed National Employment Law Project (NELP).

Fells is popular with US Socialists.

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