Police Want Apology After Far Left Councilwoman Insults Them at City Meeting (Video)

The River City Fraternal Order of Police want an apology after a far left councilwoman insulted them at a city meeting.
WDRB 41 Louisville News

The councilwoman stood between the officers and gave them the discredited “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture.
Councilwoman Mary Woolridge

The police were at the meeting to protect the council members but one woman insulted them anyway.
Because justice for Mike Brown or some such sh*t…
WDRB reported:


Last Thursday’s Metro Council committee meeting at City Hall was supposed to be a meeting focused on the minimum wage.

Sgt. Dave Mutchler, President of the River City Fraternal Order of Police, says extra LMPD officers were brought in for security in case the meeting got heated.

However, Mutchler says the controversy came afterwards in an incident involving two veteran officers.

“Councilwoman Mary Woolridge walked between the two officers who were posted at the door and gave them the hands up don’t shoot gesture, and said that: don’t shoot,” said Sgt. Dave Mutchler, President of the River City Fraternal Order of Police.

It’s a phrase being used across the country that implies people are being shot by police when they’re hands are in the air.

However, Mutchler says the officers were at the meeting to protect council members.

“One of the officers asked her at that point, in some fashion, ‘You’re joking right. Are you joking?’ And she wouldn’t respond and walked away from her,” said Dave Mutchler.

We told Councilwoman Woolridge’s aide why we wanted to speak with her. However, when we tried to question her, she wouldn’t talk to us any longer.

When WDRB explained the allegations to Woolridge, she insisted she didn’t know anything about it.

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