FIVE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS on Police and Firefighters since NYC Executions

A police car set on fire by anarchist demonstrators burns in the midst of protests during the G20 summit in downtown Toronto

Christmas week has seen open season on America’s police and firefighters.

Since the execution of two New York City policemen the Saturday before Christmas, there have been at least four assassination attempts on police officers and firefighters as well as the killings of two police officers who were fatally shot responding to calls.

Also, police have been attacked at crime scenes by angry mobs.

In Los Angeles Sunday night a tactical alert was declared after two men armed with a rifle opened fire on a patrol car. No one was hurt in the attack.

In Florida firefighters in Jacksonville were sprayed with gunfire last Tuesday night in a drive-by shooting. Fortunately only one fireman was wounded—by a richochet that grazed his arm.

In Durham, North Carolina on Christmas night a policeman narrowly avoided being assassinated when he caught sight of two men approaching his patrol car from behind and got out to speak to them. One of the men drew a gun and fired six shots—all of them missed the officer with one hitting his driver’s side door.

Again in Florida two Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies were sitting in the patrol cars in early Sunday when a car drove by and someone fired three shots at them. The bullets missed but passed close enough the deputies could hear them whizzing by.

In Arizona Flagstaff Police Officer Tyler Stewart was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call Saturday. The gunman subsequently killed himself.

Again in Florida Tarpon Springs Officer Charles Kondek was shot and killed while responding to a noise complaint. The suspect ran over Kondek after shooting him.

Police officers in Texas City, Texas were attacked by a mob early Friday morning after an officer shot and killed a gun-wielding man in a night club parking lot.

Once again in Florida, Delray police were attacked by a growing mob. Two officers were assaulted and the windshield on a patrol car was smashed.

In New York City on Tuesday, a fire station abandoned its post next door to a police station after the police were threatened by a Black prison gang, the Black Guerilla Family.

The Black Guerilla Family is also reported by the FBI to be targeting white police officers in Maryland.

All the while death threats against police are being chanted and sung at leftist protests.

Meanwhile silence from the vacationing President Barack Obama as America has seen a week of war on its first responders.

UPDATE: A Bronx teen aimed and pulled the trigger of an empty gun in a cop’s face last week.

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