Ohio State Parents Want School to Pay Their Way to College Football Playoffs

Ohio State parents want the school to pay their way to the College Football Playoffs.
The parents think the school owes it to them. After all, the school makes money off of the games.
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They want a hand-out.
EAGNews reported:

arents of Ohio State’s football players are complaining that it’s not fair they must pay to travel to bowl games if they want to watch their sons, especially considering the revenue they generate for the NCAA and the university.

Ohio State’s student-assistant fund reimburses players’ parents $800 to help defray the costs associated with attending games during the season, but they don’t believe it’s nearly enough, and sent a letter to the Big Ten asking for help, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

As the team heads to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans to face off against Alabama Jan. 1, the players’ parents said they’ve been confronted with the enormous costs for plane flights and lodging, and many can’t afford to attend.

“They’re making hand-over-fist dollars on our guys, the guys take all the risk for the entertainment dollars and they ignore the families altogether,” Connie, Bennett, mother of defensive tackle Michael Bennett, told the Dispatch.

“I think about 70 percent of our parents, as it stands, won’t be able to attend the game,” said Annie Apple, mother of cornerback Eli Apple.

Apple, who lives in New Jersey, told the news site the family has spent about $15,000 to attend every home game this season, as well as a handful of away games.

Annie and Tim Apple, vice presidents of the Ohio State football parents association, recently sent a letter to the Big Ten with letters from other parents pleading for financial help to attend this year’s post-season games.

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