NOT GOING TO HAPPEN: Iran Repudiates Obama – US Embassy in Tehran Will Not Reopen

On Monday Barack Obama announced in a prerecorded interview with National Public Radio that the US might reopen an embassy in Tehran.
Obama said he would “never say never” to reopening the embassy in Tehran.

iran obama
Protesters in Iran carry “Murderer Obama” signs in previous rally.

On Tuesday the Iranian regime quickly rejected the idea.
There will be no reopening of embassies.
Official Iranian Fars News reported:


Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham categorically rejected a media report that Tehran and Washington plan to talk about reopening of their embassies, underlining that the negotiations between Iran and the US merely focus on the nuclear issue.

“The talks between the two countries (Iran and the US) are merely focused on the nuclear issue and this subject (the reopening of the two countries’ embassies) is not on the two countries’ agenda of talks,” Afkham told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday.

Afkham’s remarks came after an Arab media misquoted an unidentified source in the Iranian foreign ministry as saying that “Tehran and Washington might talk about the reopening of their embassies”.

She rejected the Arab media news report, and said, “No official of the Iranian foreign ministry has spoken to the media in this regard.”

The new round of talks between Tehran and the G5+1 was held in Geneva on Dec 15-17. The Iranian and US delegations held three rounds of negotiations.

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