NO PRISON TIME for Woman Who Beat Far Left Politician With a Metal Bar (Video)

(CBS Local)

Minneapolis mayoral candidate Mark Andrew was robbed and beaten at the Mall of America last year.
Two youths ages 18 and 17 were arrested for the beating.
The stole his phone and beat him with a metal bar.

Andrew is a member of the far left Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.


Mark Andrew told reporters this week he was happy that the woman who beat him with a metal bar will not be sent to prison.
KARE reported:

Eighteen-year-old Deea LeShawn Elliot pleaded guilty to first-degree assault for attacking Andrew with a metal baton last December after her accomplice stole his cell phone. A judge on Tuesday sentenced her to 14 weeks of intensive counseling and a year-long immersion in an arts program of her choice. She won’t go to jail if she meets those conditions.

Andrew tells Minnesota Public Radio he strongly believes in redemption, and the way to turn her life around is not to send her to prison.

“I believe in human kind and I believe in restorative justice,” Andrew told MPR. “And I don’t think harsh prison terms for three youngsters – one a legal adult and the other two juveniles. I didn’t see the value in incarcerating any of these three for a long period of time.

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