MUST SEE>>> Libertarian Takes Turn At Megaphone at Michael Brown Rally (Video)

At long last, videographer Laughing At Liberals himself finally grabbed the megaphone at the Portland Mike Brown rally!
He touched on 3 things:

1) Since Trayvon’s death, there have been 20,000 black males murdered by other black males. Why does no one march for them? They had names, they had families.

2) When you’re out there holding your “TAX THE RICH” signs and advocating for socialism, you are empowering the state. The state will always mismanage that money. It will NEVER go to the poor or to the children. It only go to ENFORCE the power of the state, such as the police and DHS. You can NEVER trust anyone or anything with the power to control your own money.

3) When you advocate for gun control, you are empowering the state. The police and military are exempt from almost every gun control law. You leave the state with more power, and you are stripping away power from yourselves, the people.

Of course, the audience did not know what to do with these facts.
This is a great video:

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