Student Protesters CHEERED “Hit Him Again” As Cop Was Hit and Dragged Under Car #Ferguson

Four police officers were struck by a car while monitoring a Mike Brown student protest at East High School in Denver on Wednesday.

One police officer was hit and dragged underneath the car for 25 yards.
The officer underwent surgery and was in severe condition after the accident.
denver student march
Five hundred students joined in the march for robber Mike Brown.

The student protesters reportedly chanted, “Hit him again!” after the policeman was ran over.


The protesters cheered as the cop was hit and dragged underneath the car.
Surveillance video captured the collision with the officer.

The Denver police sources say there is evidence of the students cheering.
News9 reported:

The Denver police union says protestors marching against the Ferguson grand jury decision cheered and chanted “hit him again” after four officers were hit by a runaway car.

Several other police sources tell 9NEWS crime and justice reporter Anastasiya Bolton that there is evidence as well as DPD witnesses to the fact that some students cheered after the officers were struck.

The officer was still in critical condition in the hospital.

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