Socialist Leader: Racism Is WORSE Under Obama

PSImage ABC News

In 2007, then presidential candidate, Barack Obama, made the claim that he could unite the American people better than Hillary Clinton.

It would seem that that claim, like many of the President’s promises, has proven to be false.

A day before a new Bloomberg poll showing that the majority of Americans feel that race relations have worsened under the Obama administration, a Socialist President said the same thing.

Reuters reports that on Saturday Venezuelan leader, President Nicolas Maduro  (pictured above), said that racism in the U.S. has become worse under President Obama:

“CARACAS (Reuters) – Racism in the United States appears to have worsened during the administration of its first black leader, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said on Saturday.

…”It’s really dramatic,” he told TV network Telesur, highlighting the death of Eric Garner, who was caught on video gasping for breath in a policeman’s stranglehold, as particularly “brutal.”

“It’s as if racism has been exacerbated in the United States with the arrival of Obama himself,” said Maduro, the socialist leader who succeeded Hugo Chavez last year.

While the Progressives have failed at their attempts to separate the American people along the lines of “Rich vs Poor”, it appears their latest attempt at division along racial lines has met with some success.

So much so that not only do the American people see it, but a Socialist President as well.


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