HuffPo Punked! Backlash After Prankster Said He Was Best Pals w/Antonio Martin – Then Pushes Mixtape

Jesus Christo – NOT – best friends with deceased Antonio Martin.
18 year-old Antonio Martin was killed when he pointed a gun at police officers in Berkeley, Missouri.
jesus christo mixtape
Fake: Jesus Christo claimed he was best friends with latest police shooting victim Antonio Martin and watched him get killed last night. (Daily Mail)

Nice work, Huffington Post!
HuffPo got punked by imposter trying to push a mixtape.
Huffington Post bought his outlandish lie about how officers shot “his best friend” in cold blood.

Then he sent Huffington Post a personal message.


And don’t forget to listen to his mixtape.

The prankster is not even from St. Louis.
The Daily Mail reported:

Furious Twitter users have rallied against a prankster who pretended he was best friends with latest police shooting victim Antonio Martin and watched him die at a gas station near Ferguson last night.

Jesus Christo claimed he was there when the 18-year-old was killed and fabricated an account of how a police officer opened fire on Martin when he refused to lie on the ground.

Under the Twitter handle, @DesJuanTheThug, Christo wrote ‘I can’t believe my best friend just died in front of me’ – and the comment was retweeted more than 3,000 times.

He then posted a series of tweets telling people to listen to his mixtape and add him on SoundCloud – an audio platform that allows people to promote their own music.

He had earlier told The Huffington Post how he and Martin were stopped by an officer at a Mobil gas station on North Hanley Road because they matched the description of robbery suspects.

He claimed the officer then searched Martin and was quoted as saying: ‘The officer then stepped back and pulled his weapon and pointed at Antonio and told us to lay on the ground.

Jesus Christo made up a story so people would listen to his tape.
jesus christo twitter

He’s not even from St. Louis.

What a class act.
Now’s he’s looking for a threeway
jesus christo tweet

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