Oh Brother… Nancy Pelosi: Obamacare is “Honoring Our Founders”(Video)

Guest post by Patch Adams

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It is almost certain that had Nancy Pelosi lived during the time of this nation’s founding, the unhinged statements which she makes on a regular basis would have caused many a Founding Fathers’ face-palm.


Statements like the one she spoke at the recent Women Rule Summit in Washington D.C., where she said that Obamacare is actually honoring the Founders (17:06-18:19)

One of the reasons I’m still in Congress is to protect the Affordable Care Act. Which I think is one of the most transformational thing of a generation of people in Congress. It stands right up there with Social Security. With Medicare and Medicaid, affordable care, access, quality healthcare for all Americans.

No longer will being a woman be a preexisting medical condition. This is a big deal in terms of ending that discrimination. No more preexisting conditions as a deterrent to getting a policy, no lifetime caps. Really important. Honoring our Founders. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. A healthier life. The freedom to pursue your happiness without being policy locked to a job. Instead having the freedom to change jobs, start a business. Be entrepreneurial and be self-employed.

So that to me is not just a bill and a law, but a transformation in our society.”

Video Below:

It’s clear that forcing a law on the American people, one that the majority did not want to begin with, and essentially mandates that every American citizen buy a product stipulated by the Federal Government or pay a tax…er fine, only because they were born in this country, is exactly the kind of thing the Founding Fathers would support. Um, yea…right.

For the record… Nancy Pelosi also believes that San Francisco is the model for living the Gospel.

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