Hannity Blasts Liberal Democrat Holmes Norton: You Didn’t Read the #Ferguson Evidence?

Last night far left Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton went on Hannity to discuss the Ferguson.
holmes norton

Hannity ripped Rep. Holmes Norton after she admitted that she had not even read the Ferguson evidence.

“I haven’t read transcript because my interest is not in what happened.”



Mediaite reported:

Sean Hannity and Democratic Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton came to blows over Ferguson tonight after Norton told a stunned Hannity that she didn’t read the evidence of the case. Norton said she wants to talk about moving forward and larger issues of race in America, but Hannity didn’t let that slide.

He repeatedly asked her why she wouldn’t read the evidence, accused her of pushing “a narrative that has been proven false,” and asking her bewilderedly, “The truth isn’t your concern?!”

Norton shot back, “My interest is not in what happened, my interest is in what should happen!”

When Hannity ended the interview by saying she should read the evidence, Norton went off again, loudly telling Hannity not to put all of this on her.

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