Greta: Why Doesn’t Sony Put The Interview on Their Website & Let Matt Drudge Do a Link? (Video)

the interview legal editor Dominic Patten joined Greta Van Susteren tonight to discuss the Sony hacking scandal.
Dominic told Greta that Sony was in between a rock and hard place and was forced to scrap the movie:

I think you’re caught between a rock and a hard place in the new digital world… Some people say, “Well why don’t Sony put it on VOD?” Or George Clooney talked about, “Why don’t we put it online?” Which is also, I might add what Governor Romney said. But here’s the issue with that. You can’t just put something online even if you need to. Even with Sony who has their own video-on-demand service. You need to put it up on Direct TV or Comcast or Time-Warner Cable. Do they want to take those risks? Right now, nobody does.

Greta Van Susteren offered a solution tonight:

“They could put it on their website and Matt Drudge could do a link, I think.”

Via On the Record:


If Hollywood had any guts they’d put the movie online.
But, they don’t.

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