Governor Nixon Explains Why National Guard Was Not Sent to #Ferguson: We Didn’t Want a Kent State

Governor Jay Nixon finally explained why he did not send the National Guard to Ferguson, Missouri.
–We Didn’t want a Kent State situation.

On early Tuesday morning, November 25, 2014, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told FOX 2 anchors that he had repeatedly requested the National Guard… But his requests were ignored.

“I know I’ve been on the phone in contact with the County Executive’s Office. I know he has requested. I am requesting. I’ve requested the National Guard troops to come out from their command post to help restore order along the business district. We have not seen that… Those calls have gone unheeded at this point… We need to have the governor step up and give us the resources that he’s promised from the beginning. He said he would have a strong response. The resources necessary would be provided. They have not been provided so far.“

At least 18 businesses were torched to the ground and dozens were vandalized and looted.
ferguson burning


On Thursday Governor Jay Nixon finally explained why he did not send in the National Guard.
FOX 2 reported:

Governor Jay Nixon answers why the National Guard left North County unprotected the night of the Grand Jury decision.

On November 24th, businesses burned while National Guard Quick Responders waited for a call that didn’t come until after midnight.

One guardsmen told me, “We were watching, on TV and smart phones, the city burn, while we stood by ready.”
The 700 Guardsmen who got the call were sent to St. Louis City and Clayton.

We’ve been asking the Governor’s office this week whether St. Louis County`s Police Chief requested Guardsmen in North County.

Thursday in Rolla, I asked, “What`s the answer to the yes or no question, did St. Louis County`s Police Chief ask for North County to be protected?”

Governor Nixon responded, “Well certainly we all worked together to make sure we were working on the dual pillars.”

Hayes followed up, “So then why did Rapid Response sit and watch businesses burn?”

Governor: “Well as I said before the plan that night was to make sure we had officers out there.”

Hayes: “But they weren’t out there.”

Governor: “There were 700, yes they were.”

Hayes: “But there were 1500 sitting and waiting. 700 out on the streets and 1500 waiting for a call.”

Governor: “There were 700 assigned that night, others came later as the night went on.”

Not until 1am November 25th- nearly two hours after Fox 2 asked the Governor`s office – “Where`s the guard in North County?”

I asked the Governor, ‘” they were in Clayton, why not have them in North County like… it sounds like you`re saying the St. Louis County Police Chief did ask for that presence.”

Governor: “No, what I`m saying is the plan was that the law enforcement officers who have been trained would be out on the front lines. You didn`t want to have a Kent State situation. You certainly didn`t want to have a situation where Guardsmen who had only been there a few hours, who had not been used to the very kinetic atmosphere of people throwing things, screaming things at the very front tip of that spear. That was the plan. I think it has prevented loss of life.”

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder weighed in.

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