Good Morning America Edits Racist Comments from #EricGarner Berkeley Riot Report

“If you’re protesting white on black crime, like, you shouldn’t even be in this protest if you have white skin.”

ABC’s Good Morning America edited out racist comments made by a Radio Shack employee in Berkeley, California from an ABC News report on the violent protests there Saturday night.

The protests were supposedly in support of Eric Garner, the Black petty criminal who died as he resisted arrest last July in New York City.

The ABC News report was syndicated to stations around the country. Bright House cable NewsChannel 13 in Orlando aired the unedited video on Sunday report but does not have the video online as of this writing.

ABC affiliate KGO-TV in San Francisco, the originator of the report, has the unedited video on their website, along with a different text report packaged for affiliates that has the racist remarks. The racist Radio Shack employee is shown from 2:00 to 2:25 in the video.

Sergio Quintana was the reporter on the scene and author of the text report.

WLS-TV in Chicago is carrying the text report that has the unedited racist remarks.

“”Kid with a hammer comes in, throws brake fluid like he was going to light the store on fire,” said employee Joseph Reindl. “Guy with a crowbar comes in and starts stealing stuff.”

““They say one looter went after a customer in the store and as they rushed him out the back door, another looter attacked with a skateboard.

“”And I don’t know why they have white people coming in and shoving black people, you know what I mean?” Reindl said. “If you’re protesting white on black crime, like, you shouldn’t even be in this protest if you have white skin.””

The version shown on Good Morning America on Sunday and archived at the ABC News website has the edited version without the racist remarks.

The transcript at the GMA webpage for the video reads:

“The crowd reportedly looting this radioshack store after bashing their way in. You know, that window breaks, that window started breaking. Guy with a crowbar comes in and starts stealing stuff.”

The video shows that two Radio Shack employees are commenting on the rioters attacking the store. Reindl’s remarks are edited down to the one sentence: “Guy with a crowbar comes in and starts stealing stuff.”

The ABC video shows a bearded young white man smashing a store window with a skateboard.

(Note: Please do not campaign to get Joseph Reindl fired by Radio Shack. Being young and dumb used to not be a capital offense in America. However sensitivity training may be in order for both Reindl for his racist attitude and ABC News for censoring Reindl’s racist remarks from their national report.)

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