#Ferguson Thugs, Clergy, Lawyers Justify Riots in USA Today Report

Ferguson Struggles to Grasp Why Protests Turned Violent
ferguson burning

The headline to the article by Yamiche Alcindor is wrong–there is no struggle in Ferguson to grasp why the town was destroyed last Monday night by rioters. Despite claims of surprise by some, the proof is in the article itself—everyone knew what was coming. Alcindor does a good reporter’s job of getting people from various parts of the Ferguson community to speak frankly about why the town was torched.

Leading off the article is a young career criminal who claims he is turning his life around but just had to go out and throw rocks at the police–while Alcindor watched:


“Barry Perkins threw a rock at a line of officers at the Ferguson police station Monday night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“For a moment, Perkins said, he felt powerful.

“In the weight of that rock, Perkins delivered the anger and frustration stored up inside from years of harassment from local police officers who he says stop him frequently and search his car. Perkins, who admits to a criminal past that includes dealing drugs and car theft, says that more than once officers have thrown him to the ground.

“As police ducked and scrambled to safety, Perkins relished a fleeting sense of victory.

“”It feels good,” Perkins, 24, said. “I want to do what they did to me. I want to physically fight the police for all the stuff they have done to me.””

A resident:

“Ferguson resident Anthony Reliford, 28, said the world shouldn’t be surprised to see residents burning local businesses because local residents don’t reap the economic benefits of the commerce. Reliford said he is protesting to challenge the economic power in the neighborhood and push back against the poverty that grips some neighborhoods.”

The clergy:

““The grand jury decision convinced some people that peaceful protests don’t necessarily bring justice for black people, the Rev. Osagyefo Sekou said.

“”You didn’t just see buildings burning last night, you saw democracy on fire,” Sekou said Tuesday. “We had peaceful protests for 108 days and the police didn’t respond to that. We are talking about a traumatized, grieving community. People feel like America doesn’t love black and brown children.”

“The shattered glass, burned cruisers and shooting illustrated “pain on display,” he said.”

The lawyers:

“Denise Lieberman, co-chair of The Don’t Shoot Coalition….”Rioting is the bastion of people who feel helpless and hopeless,” she said. “People are expressing sympathy and solidarity with what’s going on here.”

A resident:

““The riots Monday night arose not just from Brown’s shooting but from frustration with failing schools; unfair, aggressive police; and a government that does not fully represent the people, said Kellen Goodwin, 33, of Florissant, Mo.

“”You can only knock at the door peacefully for so long,” Goodwin said. “They aren’t burning down a Pizza Hut or an AutoZone. They are burning down the establishment.””

The rationalization for destroying your hometown is there for all to see: It was a race-based, leftist temper tantrum with political goals that go far beyond the death of Michael Brown.

The question that needs to be asked is what has the Obama administration been doing in Ferguson since August? By the fruits reaped last Monday, it wasn’t to bring peace. Obama sent three White House aides (including a get out the vote operative) to Michael Brown’s funeral. He sent Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson. Holder sent 100 FBI agents and the Justice Department’s so-called Peacekeepers. What peace did they keep?

The communists have been hard at work in Ferguson, agitating, recruiting and protesting. One can see their success in the anti-capitalist, anti-government language used by activists to justify the riots.

There are more comments from Ferguson activists at the USA Today article that should be read. Click here to read more from the rock-throwing, car stealing, drug dealing, cop hater Barry Perkins—including his thoughts on the American Dream–and others.

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