(Face-Palm) Nancy Pelosi: Obamacare is “Honoring Our Founders”(Video)

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History never recorded if the British ever made a remark so utterly and incomprehensibly ludicrous that it caused Samuel Adams, or George Washington, to unconsciously raise their hand over the face in disgust.

But it is almost a certainty that had Nancy Pelosi lived during the time of this nation’s founding, the statments which would have flowed from her mouth would have been the cause of many a Founding Fathers’ face-palm.

Statements like the one she spoke at the recent Women Rule Summit in Washington D.C., where she said that Obamacare is actually honoring the Founders (17:06-18:19)

One of the reasons I’m still in Congress is to protect the Affordable Care Act. Which I think is one of the most transformational thing of a generation of people in Congress. It stands right up there with Social Security. With Medicare and Medicaid, affordable care, access, quality healthcare for all Americans.

No longer will being a woman be a preexisting medical condition. This is a big deal in terms of ending that discrimination. No more preexisting conditions as a deterrent to getting a policy, no lifetime caps. Really important. Honoring our Founders. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. A healthier life. The freedom to pursue your happiness without being policy locked to a job. Instead having the freedom to change jobs, start a business. Be entrepreneurial and be self-employed.

So that to me is not just a bill and a law, but a transformation in our society.”

Video Below:

I’m sure that forcing a law on to the American people, one that the majority did not want to begin with, and essentially mandates that every American citizen buy a product stipulated by the Federal Government or pay a tax…er fine only because they were born in this country, is exactly the kind of thing the Founding Fathers would support. Um, yea…right.

On a totally unrelated note. Nancy Pelosi also believes that San Francisco is the model for living the Gospel.


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