Eric Garner’s Wife Denies Racism in His Death: “I Don’t Feel Like It’s a Black & White Thing” (Video)

Someone needs to tell Obama, Holder, and DeBlasio–
The widow of Eric Garner said his chokehold death was not “a black and white thing.”

Esaw Snipes said she believed her husband was murdered unjustly but it wasn’t because of his race.

She also said he was harassed because police called him, “Cigarette man.”


The New York Post reported:

The chokehold death of Eric Garner in NYPD custody wasn’t “a black-and-white thing,” his widow said Sunday — a stunning admission that breaks sharply from lawmakers and protesters who have seized on the racial aspect of the case.

Esaw Snipes said she believed her husband was “murdered unjustly,” but said skin color wasn’t a factor behind his fatal arrest for allegedly selling loose cigarettes on Staten Island last summer.

The statement flies in the face of demands by Snipes and others — including the Rev. Al Sharpton — for the civil rights investigation announced by US Attorney General Eric Holder last week.

“I don’t even feel like it’s a black-and-white thing, honestly, you know, in my opinion,” Snipes told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I really don’t feel like it’s a black-and-white thing. I feel like it’s just something that he continued to do and the police knew. You know, they knew.”

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