Eric Garner’s Daughter Claims Police ‘Set up’ Her Retweet of NYC Cop’s Home Address

Eric Garner’s daughter Erica tweeted out the address of a New York City police officer this week.
garner daughter tweet

The first response on Twitter by Erica Garner after the New York Post reported that she had retweeted the home address for a police officer involved in the fatal attempted arrest of her father, petty criminal Eric Garner, last July in Staten Island was to claim she was set up and that her words were changed—by the cops!

The Post reported late Thursday night that Garner deleted the tweet posted early Christmas Day that linked to the address of Justin D’Amico and several of his purported relatives after an inquiry by the Post. In the tweet Garner called D’Amico “another officer that helped killed my dad.”


Garner’s lawyer was quoted saying his client would not “consciously send information out about the personal address or phone number or any identifying information about the police officers…”

Garner posted a series of tweets starting late Friday morning attempting to explain herself and deflect responsibility. Following her claim she was “set up” she claimed her words were changed and accused police.

“hitman? couldnt dig up my criminal history so i get set up on some address relese to the public scandals sum1 please get a ip.#ICantBreathe”

“Anything for a story ..i cant say anything else but this is a very sad attempt to assassinate my character..srry guys my last post 4awhile”

“That tweet was retweeted to me was a link i never opened all i seen was the officer name didnt think twice but ppl changed my words”

“Changed my words as if i had hate on my heart especially on christmas its a new way i look at the news now writting w/o facts #ICantBreathe”

“@es_snipes this is crazy they cant lock me up bcuz i have no criminal back round i know the cops are watching myaccout but making suff up”

“@es_snipes this is rediculous i have more common sense than to put a hit out on a man n his family knowing whats going on now within a wk”

“@Mikal_Dmon cops never bortherd me before i never had run in with the law but im being targeted because cops killed my dad in the piblic eye”

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