EPIC! White Portlanders Argue With Black Dude About Race At Michael Brown Rally (VIDEO)

At least they didn’t beat his a$$.
White protesters argue with a black dude about racist oppression at a Michael Brown rally.

The black protester told the mob to quit screaming, “F*ck the police!”
The mob let him have it.

You just gotta love drunk white suburbanite kids lecturing a black man on racism in America.


This was EPIC!
Via Laughing at Liberals.
(Warning on Language)

From the video: “If you want to flip over a cop car, then flip over a cop car!” says a drunken Jessie Sponberg, who, along with Sean Kealiher, tries to tell a black protester how to protest the Michael Brown shooting. The black dude is urging everyone to stay peaceful while the suburbanite white kids are the ones wanting to get violent.

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