Epic Tweets: Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Goes Off on DeBlasio, Holder, Obama

Speaking Truth to Power—
Sheriff David Clarke is not only a powerful voice on television.
His Twitter account is also full of several jewels.
sheriff clarke

I call it the liberals War On The Black Family. Their so called sympathy has had a catastrophic affect on Blacks.

NY Mayor DeBlasio’s comment on fearing for his son in police contact was a sharp stick in the eye to every NYPD officer. Pathetic commentary

I will not stand by and watch AG Holder and his jackbooted bullies at DOJ, harass police agencies in a campaign designed to emasculate us.

If AG Holder had his way he’d disarm police to stop deadly use of force incidents, “once and for all” as he said about ending race profiling

America, divided over race in police use of force could have turned out to be Obama’s Gettysburg Address moment-so far he’s simply “present”

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