Communist Chant Sheet Distributed at NYC Eric Garner Protest

The Progressive Labor Party, a self-described ‘revolutionary communist organization’,’ handed out a chant sheet at Thursday evening’s Eric Garner protest in New York City.

A reporter for DNAInfo, Lisha Arino, posted a photo of the chant sheet to Twitter:


The chants are mostly variations of chants heard at leftist protests across the country for decades:

“NYPD, KKK, How many kids did you kill today?”

“Hey Cops you better start shaking Cause today’s pigs is tomorrow’s bacon!”

“White cop black cop all the same, Racist terror is the name of their game!”

“Racist cops you can’t hide, We charge you with genocide!”

“Asian, Latin, Black and White, Same enemy, same Fight! Workers of the world unite!”

“How do you spell racist? NYPD!”

There are more chants as can be seen in the photo.

The chant sheet has a box claiming authorship and a communist recruitment enticement.

“This chant sheet has been brought to you by the Progressive Labor Party (PLP). We are a revolutionary communist organization that stands up to fight back and defeat all the woes of capitalism…”

…”Power to the working-class!”

Whenever communists protest it is not about the issue, it’s about furthering the revolution.

(Reminder, communists endorsed Barack Obama for president.)

H/t @politeracy and @HouseCracka
Also on hand in New York is the Revolutionary Communist Party:

The communist front group ANSWER:

And the People’s Power Assemblies whose goal is to “overthrow this brutal system.”

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