Chicago Teens Slap, Taunt Senior Citizen – Then Claim Racism to Evade Assault Charges

At least two Chicago teens filmed themselves slapping and taunting an older white man on the CTA Blue Line train in Chicago.
youths slurs beating

The youths claimed the older man was to blame because he was saying some racial slurs.

The teens are heard laughing as they slapped the older man.
CBS Local reported, via Illinois Review:


A video posted on Facebook is generating hundreds of responses, and it shows at least two young men on a CTA Blue Line train, slapping an older man and taunting him. The video goes on for more than two minutes. It shows at least two young men, both African American, slapping an older man on top of his head. And then they appear to tease him.

A young man who says he shot the video and was apparently part of the group that mistreated the older man told WBBM: “We didn’t do nothing. We got on the train and he was saying some racial slurs.”

He says he didn’t take part in slapping the man, saying: “I don’t know why they did what they did. I just recorded it because it was funny.”

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