BREAKING: Protesters Ignore Mayor De Blasio & March on 5th Avenue Chanting “Murdering Pigs” (Video)

police honor fallen
New York City police honor their fallen comrades in Brooklyn.

On Monday controversial New York CIty Mayor Bill De Blasio called on the “peaceful” Eric Garner protesters to pause until after funerals are held for two officers shot and killed inside their patrol car this weekend by a man vowing retaliation for the deaths of black men at the hands of white police.

De Blasio was hoping the protesters would respect the families of the two murdered police officers.


On Tuesday the protesters were back on the street.
They are marching to 5th Avenue and promise to “shut it down.”

The protest is starting at 5 PM Eastern.

Hundreds of protesters are back out on the street.

The protesters chanted against “murdering cops have got to go.”

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