BREAKING: #Ferguson Protester Charged With Firing Gun at Police Helicopter

Peaceful Protests…
Ferguson protester Terrell Doss was charged on Wednesday with firing on a police helicopter.
Two police officers were in the chopper when it was fired on.

After Doss fired on the helicopter he walked by an eyewitness and said:
“Snitches get Stitches”
terrelll doss
St. Louis County Police (KSDK)

Police Chief Jon Belmar said the FAA no-fly zone was all about safety.
Back in November the police said they had a report of shots fired in the air.
St. Louis Public Radio reported:


“The FAA started this conversation with the police department because of the number of shots that were fired,” Belmar said. “This was reported. We have air crews that talk about seeing muzzle flashes from the ground.” Belmar said when the FAA reached the command post at 4 a.m. Aug. 11, they happened to get Capt. Kurt Frisz, a pilot with 29 years on the force.

Belmar read a transcript of a 911 call from Aug. 10, in which a Ferguson resident reported seeing unknown people firing a pistol at a helicopter. He said audio of that call would be made available once identifying information such as the caller’s name and address were removed. Belmar also played recordings of communications between an unidentified helicopter pilot and the command post that took place on Aug. 19, when the pilot reported being hit by a laser beam.

Listen Listening…0:00 Radio traffic between an unidentified St. Louis County police helicopter pilot and the unified command post on Aug. 19 about a laser strike on a police helicopter.

“Certainly, our helicopter pilots took measures to increase their safety by gaining some altitude during this,” Belmar said. “But at no time did we request that only media be kept out of the airspace. I can tell you that myself, Chief [Sam] Dotson [of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department], [Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron] Johnson, everyone else who was in the arena during this, we didn’t have those types of discussions in the unified command.”

This week Doss was charged with firing on a police helicopter.

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