Berkeley Mayor Holds Press Conference – Praises Police – ANGRY PROTESTER LASHES OUT (Video)

Berkeley, Missouri Mayor Theodore Hoskins held a press conference this morning.
Last night 18 year-old Antonio Martin was shot dead after he pointed a gun at police.

Mayor Hoskins told reporters this morning that you can’t compare the shooting to the Mike Brown or Eric Garner case since they have surveillance video.

The mayor praised police for saving the QuikTrip.

A protest broke out during the press conference.
Angry protester screamed:

“This has to stop!… We’re going to tear this damn place up until we get justice!… Police now have a license to kill a black man. By not indicting the police it gives these police a license to kill young black men.”

Again — Antonio Martin pointed a gun at police.

The mayor said the Antonio Martin had been arrested several times since he was 17.

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