Berkeley Protesters Claim New Tactics: Sabotage Amtrak, Hold Drivers as Human Shields

Protests in Berkeley took a sinister turn Thursday night as protesters surrounded and tried to hold drivers and passengers hostage as human shields in an attempt to forestall police action to clear highways held by the protesters.

An Amtrak train was blocked by protesters.

There was a claim that Amtrak safety equipment was tampered with.


A spokesperson for Amtrak told The Gateway Pundit that Amtrak was aware of the attempted sabotage and was investigating.

Fortunately the police drove the protesters off the freeway—liberating the drivers and passengers trapped by the Berkeley protesters a few minutes after they were forcibly detained.

Earlier there was a report of a pregnant woman on the way to the hospital to deliver a baby being trapped on the I-80 freeway in Berkeley when the road was blocked by protesters.

Protesters also blocked Amtrak trains and reportedly sabotaged a safety device.

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