BERKELEY PROTEST RULES: Let Blacks Beat Non-Blacks, Don’t Photograph Rioting Blacks #Ferguson

A handout sheet for the Berkeley Eric Garner riots contains language demanding people let Blacks beat up non-Black people at the protests and to not photograph Blacks committing crimes.

Garner was a Black man who died in July after resisting arrest for a minor offense by New York City police. A grand jury declined to indict a white officer for Garner’s death.

The title of the handout reads:


“There’s More Than One Kind of Pig: A Call for Non-Black People to Stop Policing Black Resistance”

The handout was posted by the ‘Oaklands Allstar Solidarity’ according to Daniella Navarrete who posted a copy to Twitter. Navarrete describes her interests as, “Decolonization, Anti-Imperialism, Transformative Justice, Abolition, Feminism, Marxism, Psychoanalysis/Psychotherapy.”

The handout is apparently a response to non-violent white protesters trying to stop Black radicals from committing violent, lawless acts. (Note: white protesters have been seen breaking windows in Berkeley.)

Some excerpts from the handout:

…”In recent nights we’ve noticed the rise of a disturbing trend of non-black people in the streets policing the actions and tactics of black comrades. Frat bros have tackled black people while a crowd of non-black Berkeley students ironically chanted, “Black lives matter!” White people have pointed at other militant black folks and chanted, “This is not our movement!” in response to tactical disagreements in the streets. These actions, though scattered and few, suggest that non-black people need to be reminded of how their actions reinforce the policing, enslavement, and imprisonment of black comrades attempting to fight for their liberation. For example:

Black rebellion is not your photo project…Photographing people engaged in illegal activity continues the legacy of state surveillance of black bodies and creates evidence to put black people in prison. This is the work of the police.”

…”If you see a non-black person getting hit or tackled by black people at a protest about anti-black violence, it’s probably best to assume that they did or said some (sic) racist or endangered the safety of others via non-consensual photography, the policing of other people’s tactics, or pitting some tactics against others. Stay out of those conflicts; black people deserve to defend their life and freedom by whatever means they choose. If you don’t act like a pig, you won’t be treated like one.”

An archived image of the handout:

Berkeley Racist Flyer 2014

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